Friday, October 29, 2010

Kazan Restaurant - The Best Sushi in Tenerife

     Japanese cuisine is fairly new in Tenerife.  Not too many years ago, only few people knew about the art of eating Japanese food.   Of course, some had been familiar with how it looked like, mostly through T.V. and a few Manga televised cartoons, and just very few of them had eaten it abroad. Nowadays, things have changed.  Japanese restaurants are proliferating everywhere in the Canary Islands.  And although, they have nothing to do with Canarian cuisine, they are adapting and getting inspiration from autochthonous ingredients such as local fish.  You can call it a fusion kitchen;  however, always keeping true to the Japanese tradition.
     A Japanese meal is like dancing the waltz.  You must know the moves that transport you from dish to dish.  The experience of eating Japanese food takes you to a place in your heart, mind and of course, your gustatory glands that you never knew it existed.  It is sublime, and  it must be experienced at least once in your life.  If you don't like it, it is fine, but if you dare to try it and so it happens that you be pleased by it, then, it will definitely become and addiction.  At least, this is how I feel.
    One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Tenerife is called Kazan.  It is located in the capital, Santa Cruz, in one of the many little alleys of the city, close to the harbor.  Just by looking at the outside, you get the feeling of what you will find inside:
Simplicity in the decoration of the interior, but with taste and comfort. 

     The Chefs, always keeping themselves busy, are part of the whole environment.  And the service is friendly and attentive.  They usually welcome patrons with an sample dish that changes according to the chef's inspiration.

     The menu does not exclusively include sushi and sashimi, but a variety of Japanese traditional dishes that will satisfy any connoisseurs' delicate palate.
     On the day that my husband and I visited Kazan, we were presented with a taste of Japanese marinated seaweeds, followed by a sunomono salad made of different types of fish, a Kyoto roll, two pieces of smoked ox sushi,

and to top it all of we had the Kazan sashimi platter.

     I have to say that by the time we ate this whole plate of fresh seafood, my stomach could not handle any more food.  I was satisfied.  But, my husband, who can not get enough of Japanese food, had to have the last bite.  He finished his opulent meal with an eel hand roll, all washed down with cold sake, the Japanese liquor made of rice.  This is what I call a complete meal.
    Kazan is open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Saturday. 
    The address is as follows:
Paseo Milicias de Garachico, 1-local 4
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Phone: 922 24 55 98
      For more info you can check their Facebook at Restaurante Kazan.     


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